Weapons and Destructive Devices

University Standard: 576-065 Weapons and Destructive Devices
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  1. "Weapon" means any knife having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring, by centrifugal force or by gravity and is commonly known as a switchblade knife; any hunting or target bow, any crossbow; any dirk, dagger, slingshot, metal knuckles; or any similar instrument by the use of which injury could be inflicted upon the person or property of any other person.

  2. "Destructive Device" means:

    1. A projectile containing an explosive or incendiary material or any other chemical substance; or

    2. A bomb, grenade, missile, or similar device or any launching device therefor.

  3. "University Sanctioned Use" means: R.O.T.C., OSU Pistol Club, OSU Rifle Club, or other uses approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.



Prohibitions and Regulations
  1. Possession, use, or threatened use of dangerous chemicals, weapons, or destructive devices, are not allowed on property owned or controlled by Oregon State University except as expressly authorized by law or authorized in this rule.

  2. Weapons or destructive devices may be used on campus owned or controlled property only in connection with a University sanctioned use. Use must be consistent with the regulations of the organization conducting the sanctioned use.

  3. This rule does not apply to University family housing units or University-owned single family dwellings.



  1. Any person who violates this rule is subject to:

    1. Institutional disciplinary proceedings, if a student or employee;

    2. An order to leave the immediate premises or property owned or controlled by the University by a person in charge of University property.

  2. Persons failing to comply with an order by a person in charge to leave or to remain off the immediate premises or property owned or controlled by the University are subject to arrest for criminal trespass.

  3. The Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Director of Facilities Services, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Coordinator of Student Conduct, Director of University Housing and Dining Services, Director of Conferences and Special Events, Director of the Memorial Union and Educational Activities, Manager of Security Services, and their designees are included among those "persons in charge" of University property for purposes of ORS 164.205(5) and this rule.