University policies and standards are central to the OSU mission and affect the entire university community. Through policies and standards, the university articulates the expectations of individuals, promotes efficiency, and supports compliance with laws and regulations. The University Policy and Standards Program develops, maintains, and archives university policies and standards. If you would like to propose a new policy or the repeal or revision of an existing policy, please use this Qualtrics-based intake form. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

University policies and standards are published in the searchable University Policy & Standards Manual. You can search alphabetically or by number, or use the search boxes for key words.

Our Current Effort

We are in the process of revising and updating the University Policy and Standards Manual (UPSM). Previously, OSU was governed by the Oregon University System (OUS). In 2014, OSU became a separate legal entity from the OUS and in so doing, inherited hundreds of Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), Internal Management Directives (IMDs), and other policies. OSU readopted the relevant policies as either university policies, which govern the OSU community of faculty, staff, and students; or university standards, which govern all individuals and have the force of law. Find more on this transition from the OUS here.

A Note on Nomenclature

As we transition to OSU-specific university policies and standards, our nomenclature is in transition as well. University policies or standards that were inherited from OUS will retain their previous names and numbers. Policies that had OAR numbers retain those numbers without the “OAR” designator. Policies with alternate naming or numbering conventions retain those names and numbers. Policies with no number have not been given one and are listed in the UPSM by name only. As university policies and standards are updated they will be categorized and re-numbered.

During this transition period, nomenclature within university policies and standards may be inconsistent. In general, to interpret university policies or standards that were inherited from OUS but have not yet been updated, note that “Board” or “State Board of Higher Education” now refers to OSU’s Board of Trustees; “Chancellor” means “President;” “Institution” means “OSU;” and so on.