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The University Policy and Standards Manual (UPSM) provides the university's governing framework. The University Policies and University Standards found within the UPSM express the goals, values, and culture of the university. Collectively, they provide the authority and guidance to university units, employees, students, agents, contractors, licensees, and volunteers that is required to achieve the university’s mission, and outline the relevant responsibilities to the university community.

The University Policy and Standards Program in the Office of Faculty Affairs develops, maintains, and archives university policies and standards, which are published in the searchable University Policy & Standards Manual. You can search alphabetically or by number, or use the search boxes for key words.

Questions about Individual Policies

Each policy has a contacts section identifying specific points of contact. More broadly, policies have "owners" by way of Responsible Executives and Responsible Offices, allowing you to direct questions to the units and individuals responsible for specific policies. If unclear, feel free to contact the University Policy and Standards Office at [email protected].

Request Policy Development Assistance

If you would like to propose a new policy or the repeal or revision of an existing policy, please contact the University Policy and Standards Office at [email protected]. For additional information and guidance, please review the tools in the Resources section of this website.

What's New


Draft University Standards are listed here for three weeks before submission to the president for signature and adoption. Currently, there are no drafts available for public comment.



New Policies

04-120 Service and Emotional Support Animals. Expresses the university’s commitment to creating and maintaining an equitable and inclusive working and learning environment. Because service animals and emotional support animals are governed by separate bodies of law, the policy reflects certain requirements under each, as well as directing the university’s actions. (5/13/24)

03-400 Scholarship Administration. Acknowledges the authority of “awarding units” to design and implement their own individual method of administering scholarships, so long as those methods comply with government regulations, gift agreements, and best practices. Contains an escalation path for resolving questions or concerns by employees about scholarship administration. (10/31/23)

Revised Policies

04-400 Freedom of Speech and Expression. Updates and renumbers University Standard 576-005 Time, Place, and Manner Rules. This was a legacy policy inherited from the Oregon University System with substantive edits last made in 2017. (2/9/24)

01-020 International Travel. Several revisions to the policy's responsibilities and procedures have been made to help ensure that risks associated with university-related international travel are identified, acknowledged, and managed appropriately. (10/31/23)

01-200 Academic Freedom. Updated to describe in more depth the areas in which faculty have academic freedom and enumerate related faculty responsibilities.  (10/31/23)

05-010 Comprehensive Background Checks. Implemented on an interim basis in December 2022 and adopted as a University Policy in October 2023. (10/31/23)

07-040 Protection of Minors. Some procedural information has migrated to the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance website; other procedures have been updated to reflect current practice and guidelines. Language addressing background checks has been brought into alignment with University Standard 05‐010 Comprehensive Background Checks. (10/31/23)

07-315 Firearms. Incorporates changes allowed under SB 554 (2021). Updated exceptions to the 2014 policy to align with current practice and existing state law. (9/24/23)

Repealed Policies



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