University Policy: 580-022 Proscribed Conduct
Policy Category: Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities
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Procedures to impose applicable sanctions may be instituted against any person engaging in any of the following proscribed conduct:

  1. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other institutional activities, including the institution's public service functions or other authorized activities on institutionally owned or controlled property;

  2. Obstruction or disruption interfering with freedom of movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on institutionally owned or controlled property;

  3. Possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons or instrumentalities on institutionally owned or controlled property, unless authorized by law, Board, or institutional rules or policies;

  4. Detention or physical abuse of any person or conduct intended to threaten imminent bodily harm or endanger the health of any person on any institutionally owned or controlled property;

  5. Malicious damage, misuse or theft of institutional property, or the property of any other person where such property is located on institutionally owned or controlled property, or, regardless of location, is in the care, custody or control of an institution;

  6. Refusal by any person while on institutional property to comply with an order of the president or appropriate authorized official to leave such premises because of conduct proscribed by this rule when such conduct constitutes a danger to personal safety, property, educational, or other appropriate institutional activities on such premises;

  7. Unauthorized entry to or use of institutional facilities, including buildings and grounds;

  8. Illegal use, possession, or distribution of drugs on institutionally owned or controlled property;

  9. Inciting others to engage in any of the conduct or to perform any of the acts prohibited herein. Inciting means that advocacy of proscribed conduct that calls on the person or persons addressed for imminent action, and is coupled with a reasonable apprehension of imminent danger to the functions and purposes of the institution, including the safety of persons, and the protection of its property;

  10. Violating the Board's Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics as described in Section 8 of the Internal Management Directives, specifically including the subsection thereof entitled Code of Ethics.

[Publications: Publications referenced are available from OSU.]

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