University Policy: 02-100 Student Health Services
Adopted: 07/01/2014
Last Revised: 02/08/2023
Responsible Executive: Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Responsible Office: Student Health Services
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**The PDF is the official text of the policy. If there are any incongruities between the text of the HTML version and the text within the PDF file, the PDF will be considered accurate and overriding.**

1. Policy Statement

1.1. The university shall operate or provide student health services to safeguard the health of Qualifying Students such as health education, preventative care such as primary health care, navigation assistance, disease prevention and treatment, and health promotion programming with limited counseling services.

1.2. Student Health Services may charge fees for health services not covered by the university health fee pursuant to fiscal policies FIS 518: Sales of Goods and Services and FIS 519: Recharge Activities (Internal & External).  

2. Reason for Policy

2.1. Helping students stay healthy is a top priority of the university, knowing that wellness contributes to academic and personal success. Student Health Services enhances personal success and optimizes health and wellness for a diverse campus community.

3. Scope & Audience

3.1. This policy applies to Qualifying Students and non-students under certain circumstances.

4. Definitions

4.1. Qualifying student. A student that:

4.1.1. Registered for one or more credits of on-campus instruction and has paid the university health fee; or

4.1.2. Registered for online classes through Ecampus and has opted in to student health services by paying the university health fee.

5. Responsibilities & Procedures    

5.1. Health Services for Non-Students

5.1.1. The university may provide health services to persons, during the summer, who were registered and paid the university health fee the previous spring term and have registered for the upcoming fall term and have paid a fee equal to the university health fee charged to regularly enrolled summer term students.

5.1.2. Faculty and staff (other than residents, interns and graduate assistants) are not eligible to use student health services operated or provided by the university. Limited services, such as immunizations, injections, or services delivered through the Occupational Health program, may be authorized for faculty and staff on a full-cost-reimbursement basis.

5.2. Charging for Services

5.2.1. Persons receiving services through Student Health Services may be charged for prescriptions, laboratory services, immunizations and other special services not covered by the university health fee.

5.2.2. Student Health Services will neither pay nor be responsible for bills from private physicians or private hospitals, except by contractual arrangement made by the university.

6. Forms & Tools  

6.1. Student Health Services, including links to insurance and fees:

7. Frequently Asked Questions

7.1. None.

8. Related Information

8.1. Fee list for health services (OSU Fees Online):

9. History

9.1. Adopted: Oregon State University adopted University Policy 580-011-0005 Student Health Services from Oregon Administrative Rule 580-011-0005 Student Health Services on July 1, 2014.

9.2. Revised: University Policy 580-011-0005 Student Health Services was reformatted and renumbered as University Policy 02-100 Student Health Services, and received housekeeping amendments on February 8, 2023.

9.3. Next scheduled review date: February 2026.

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