University Standard: 580-011-0005 Student Health Services
Policy Category: Student Life
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Student Health Services
  1. The institutions shall operate or provide student health services to safeguard the health of students through health education, medical treatment of injuries and diseases and limited counseling services.

  2. Student health services supported by student fees shall be made available to full-time and part-time students who are enrolled in courses taught by institution faculty and who have paid the health service fee adopted by the Board.

  3. An institution may also provide health services to:

    1. Participants in on-campus, noncredit workshops and programs sponsored by the institution;

    2. Participants in on-campus, noncredit workshops and programs sponsored by the institution under contract with an off-campus organization;

    3. Participants in on-campus workshops and programs sponsored and taught by off-campus organizations under a lease or contract with the institution;

    4. Other persons on an emergency basis;

    5. Persons, during the summer, who: were registered and paid the health fee the previous spring term, intend to register for the upcoming fall term and pay a fee equal to the fee charged to regularly enrolled summer term students. Sign-ups shall be during a period in spring term designated by the director of health services.

    6. Health service fees charged to these categories of users shall not be less than the current fees charged full-time and part-time students prorated according to the period of use.

  4. Charges may be made for prescriptions, laboratory services, immunizations and other special services in accordance with regulations adopted by the institutions.

  5. The student health services will neither pay nor be responsible for bills from private physicians or private hospitals, except in cases of advance contractual arrangements made by the institutions.

  6. Except as permitted by this section, faculty and staff (other than residents, interns and graduate assistants) are not eligible to use student health services operated or provided by the institutions. Institution executives may authorize that limited services, such as immunizations, injections and emergency services, be provided faculty and staff on a full-cost-reimbursement basis.

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