Residency and Fees

University Policy: 01-105 Residency and Fees
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Responsible Executive: Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Responsible Office: Enrollment Management
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1.1. The university classifies students as Oregon residents or nonresidents for tuition and fee purposes and follows the residency criteria and procedures established by the Interinstitutional Residency Compact in determining a student’s resident or non-resident status for enrollment.

1.2. The university may establish criteria beyond the Interinstitutional Residency Compact which allow students to be granted resident tuition and fee rates as outlined in Section 5.2.1 of this policy.

1.3. The university may establish tuition and fees for students who are Oregon residents that differ from tuition and fees established for nonresidents. Additionally, the university may establish program-based tuition and fees for students that differ from resident tuition.


2.1. As a state-supported institution of higher education, the university recognizes the significance of residence classification. This policy establishes the principles and procedures by which students will be classified as residents or nonresidents by the university for tuition and fee purposes. A student’s residency status also determines affects the student's eligibility for certain financial aid programs.


3.1. This university policy applies to students who have been admitted to the university and individuals who are seeking to enroll.


4.1. None.


5.1. Payment of Nonresident Tuition

5.1.1. All students who are classified as nonresidents shall pay nonresident tuition unless a waiver has been granted under Section 5.2 of this policy.

5.1.2. Refunds of nonresident tuition may be granted if the student shows that the classification previously assigned was in error, but no such refund shall be made unless the student applies and submits all supporting information for residency status prior to the last day to register for the term in which the student seeks change of status.

5.2. Waiver of Nonresident Tuition

5.2.1. The following nonresident students shall be permitted to pay tuition at the same rates as Oregon resident students:

a. Currently enrolled Eastern Oregon University (EOU) students participating in the OSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Program at EOU who have been awarded resident tuition rates at EOU.

b. An employee’s spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child if the employee is employed at a full-time equivalent of .5 or more.

c. A visiting instructor’s spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child may enroll as a student at resident fee rates during the terms that the visiting instructor is serving a department as a visiting instructor and if the visiting instructor is employed at a full-time equivalent of .5 or more.

d. Enrolled members of any federally recognized tribe regardless of state of residence.

e. Students who qualify for tuition equity under the Oregon Tuition Equity Act. 5.2.2. Graduate students who are residents of a participating Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) state enrolled in a WICHE Regional Graduate Program shall be permitted to pay instruction fees at 150% of the rates as Oregon resident students.

5.2.3. Waiver of nonresident tuition under Section 5.2.1 does not qualify students for State of Oregon financial aid programs or other State of Oregon entitlements unless the state itself makes that determination. Additionally, resident tuition rates awarded at the university do not guarantee a student’s resident tuition rate at any other institution in the state of Oregon.


6.1. None.


7.1. Residency FAQs may be found here:…


8.1. Residency overview and guide:

8.2. Interinstitutional Residency Compact residency criteria and procedures:…

8.3. Veterinary Medicine WICHE program coordinator:…

8.4. Oregon Tuition Equity Act (ORS 352.287). 8.5. In-state tuition for enrolled members of federally recognized Indian tribes:…


9.1. Adopted: Oregon State University adopted University Policy 580-010 Admission Requirements, Residence Classification, and Payment of Student Fees from Oregon Administrative Rule 580-010 Admission Requirements, Residence Classification, and Payment of Student Fees on July 1, 2014.

9.2. Revised: The residence classification and payment of student fees sections of University Policy 580-010 Admission Requirements, Residence Classification, and Payment of Student Fees were updated and renumbered as University Policy 01-105 Residency and Fees on January 24, 2023.

9.3. Next scheduled review date: January 2026.




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