University Network Administration

University Policy: 08-010 University Network Administration
Responsible Executive: VP for Information Services
Responsible Office: Information Services
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  1. Policy Statement
    1. The integrity and availability of the Oregon State University ("university") network is critical to the continued operation of the university. This policy regulates the use of the wired and Wi-Fi networks used to access the university network.
  2. Reason for Policy
    1. The university network is a private network that exists to support the administrative, academic, research, and outreach activities of the university. This policy ensures the network is available and that appropriate physical and technical safeguards are in place to provide optimum and secure performance without creating unjustified obstacles to the conduct of the business and research of the university and the provision of services to its many constituencies.
  3. Scope & Audience
    1. This policy applies to all university units, employees, students, agents, contractors, licensees, volunteers, and anyone who accesses the university network. Any system connected to the university network, including sub networks operated by individual departments, is subject to this policy.
  4. Definitions
    1. University Network: The infrastructure and equipment that connects computing devices to enable the exchange of data and information within the university, and by connecting to the Internet, with the world. The university network includes both the physically wired and wireless networks.
    2. Wi-Fi Network: A wireless local-area network that uses radio waves to connect devices to the university network and the Internet.
    3. Guest Network: A network provided by a commercial party to deliver wireless access for visitors to the university. The guest network is not part of the university network.
    4. Cable Plant: Fiber optic and copper cabling at all university locations delivering telephony, life safety systems, data networking, and wireless/cellular phone connectivity supplied by Information Services. Cable plant includes all inter- and intra-building connectivity, pathways, communication rooms, spaces, and underground facilities such as maintenance vaults and conduits.
    5. Ethernet: A system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network.
    6. Local Area Network: A Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network that links devices within a building or group of adjacent buildings.
    7. Internet: An electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world.
    8. Network Administrator: A staff member within Information Services, or a delegate appointed by Information Services, with authority to install and configure hardware and software for the university network.
    9. University Representative: A member of the university community, i.e., faculty, staff, or student. For the purposes of this policy, a university representative is anyone with a current ONID account in good standing.
  5. Responsibilities & Procedures
    1. General
      1. Information Services is responsible for the university network, including the cable plant, the physical and logical configuration of the network, and the university’s connection to the Internet.
      2. Information Services will:
        1. Monitor performance and security of the entire university network;
        2. Appoint and maintain a list of network administrators; and,
        3. Maintain a record of all devices registered to use the university network.
    2. Wired Network Systems
      1. All systems connected to the university’s wired network must have the appropriate authorization from a university representative and meet minimum configuration standards to provide for the security of the network.
      2. All devices connecting to the university network must be registered in the university’s central IP address management system administered by Information Services. This may be accomplished by direct registration with Information Services or by automated data feeds from a college or division database.
      3. All network hardware and software must meet defined standards to provide for the reliability and security of the network, and of the devices and data contained within the network. All installation, configuration and maintenance of network hardware and software must be conducted by or under the supervision of a network administrator.
    3. Wi-Fi (Wireless) Network Resources
      1. No Wi-Fi infrastructure is permitted to connect to the university network unless it is installed and maintained by Information Services. Installing unauthorized Wi-Fi access points is prohibited to avoid possible interference with the university Wi-Fi network, unnecessary impact to the wired network, and to minimize security risks to the university.
    4. Devices Connected to the University Network
      1. Only devices authenticated via an official university account or registered by a university representative will be allowed to connect to the university network.
      2. Information Services will regularly monitor wired and wireless network activity and will notify users of any interfering devices that have the potential to impact the university network. Devices found to be disruptive to the university network in all university owned or managed properties are prohibited and will be disconnected from the university network.
      3. The university, through Information Services, reserves the right to disable network access to a device or an individual in the event of a misconfigured or compromised device, activities resulting in a degradation of service, or a violation of university policy.
    5. Exceptions
      1. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice Provost for Information Services.
  6. Forms & Tools
    1. None
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
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  8. Related Information
    1. Defined Standards for network hardware and software
  9. History
    1. Last review date: September 2016
    2. Next scheduled review date: September 2019
  10. Website
    1. See link to PDF on this page
  11. Contacts
    Department Phone Number Website
    IS IT Infrastructure Services 541-713-3448