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Teacher Education in the System, Quality Assurance

Adoption of California Basic Educational Skills Test as Requirement for Admissions


(Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #518, November 16, 1984, pp. 569-581; see also Meeting #478, August 7, 1981, pp. 474-476, for references to proficiency in basic skills and use of California Achievement Test.)


The Board received a report on teacher education within the five professional education schools of the System. The report concluded with a statement of the beliefs concerning the conditions necessary for the effective preparation of teachers and included a series of recommendations for the improvement of teacher preparation in Oregon.

The Board approved a motion that the report be accepted and that the Board encourage the institutions offering teacher education programs, their staffs, and the Board's staff, working cooperatively with the public schools and other agencies and organizations, to move vigorously to implement the recommendations for improvement of preparation of teachers in Oregon as soon as possible. The Board also approved an amendment to the original motion stating that the Board set a very high priority on providing the environment and the support necessary to complete and articulate the qualities necessary for excellence in teaching along the lines of the discussion.

The eight priority recommendations approved by the Board were: 

  1. Recruit top students into teaching by providing new fiscal incentives, (i.e., scholarships and tuition waivers).

  2. Provide competitive salaries to attract and retain well-qualified faculty in teacher education programs and require that education faculty continuously upgrade their professional skills.

  3. Require education faculty to become significantly involved with public schools on a continuing basis and recognize faculty field work through conventional college and university rewards of promotion and tenure.

  4. Continue efforts to improve standards for admission to OU5 teacher education programs, including the adoption of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) as a requirement for admissions.

  5. Provide instruction on the uses of new technology in education as part of the regular teacher education program and require computer literacy at the functional computing level for students graduating from teacher education programs.

  6. Establish a summer session subsidy program to enable colleges and universities to provide courses required for certification by teachers and administrators on a planned, responsive basis.

  1. Implement a statewide entry-year assistance program, jointly operated by higher education institutions and school districts, that provides a year-long residency in a public school, concurrent graduate-level instruction, and workshops for beginning teachers in Oregon.

  2. Develop a coordinated research and development agenda for OUS1 teacher education programs to improve resource sharing and pilot new developmental projects for the benefit of the entire System.

(The review of teacher education by the Board and other groups culminated in the approval by the Board of extended teacher preparation programs on January 20, 1989, Meeting #572, pp. 5-46. Throughout the period 1981-1989, the minutes contain references to various studies and proposals for improvement of teacher education in the System.)