University Policy: Secure Workplace
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Governance and Administration
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The Oregon University System aspires to be a great organization,and our success depends on you. It depends on people who innovate and are committed to improving our outcomes responsibly, people who dedicate themselves to satisfying customers,helping partners, and improving the communities in which we do business; people who are accountable for achieving big, bold goals with unwavering integrity, people who are leaders, who appreciate that to be truly great, we must continually strive to do better ourselves and help others improve.

We must expect the best from ourselves because who we are as an organizat ion and as individuals is as important as our ability to deliver the best education,research and public service outcomes. How we manage our business internally-and how we think about and work with customers, partners, governments, vendors and communities- impacts our productivity and success. It's not enough to just do the right things; we have to do them the right way. All Chancellor's Office employees are entrusted with the public's money and with that comes a responsibility to be prudent stewards and to safeguard, preserve and protect these funds and this trust. We take these responsibilities seriously.

In order to support these values,it is important that all Chancellor's Office employees read and understand the key laws, rules and policies that are intended to help ensure that we meet these core goals. These are:

  • ORS Chapter 244, which codifies ethics and conflict of interest policies that you are required to follow as you conduct Chancellor's Office business. See the guide for public officials at    Official   Guide/2010-1 0 PO Guide October Final Adopted. pdf

    As a further resource, a more comprehensive listing of state laws and rules,as well as board and OUS policies that guide our operations can be found at board/poll pro  board/poli pro