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(Approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education at Meeting #788, June 8, 2007)


It is the policy of the State Board of Higher Education of the Oregon University System that presidents serving Oregon University System institutions for a significant period, sufficient to demonstrate meaningful contribution to higher education in Oregon, and upon the recommendation of the Chancellor, shall be accorded the title of President Emeritus of [specific institution name] . It is the intent of this policy that the designated individual shall be accorded the right to use this designation from the date of issuance forward, to signify this singularly significant professional honor. This title shall at a minimum include the privilege of parking on all campuses of OUS, the continued ability to use institutional e-mail, have internet access, mail privileges, campus library privileges, and have provided, upon request, a business office, consistent with the institutional polices of the campus served. The costs of the above privileges shall be the responsibility of the institution served by the designed president. The Board reserves the discretion to award additional individual privileges as warranted. An individual institution shall have the right to grant additional presidential emeritus privileges as it, in its discretion, deems appropriate.