University Policy: Joint Campus Programs
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Academics and Faculty Affairs
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(Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #316, July 9, 1963, pp. 319-321.)


  1. A registration procedure will be created that will encourage graduate students registered at either Oregon State University or the University of Oregon to take full advantage of the specialized graduate facilities and resources located on both campuses. Such graduate programs as would thus draw upon the resources of both campuses are hereafter referred to as "joint-campus” programs.

  2. The following registration procedures are adopted for students participating in the "joint- campus" program, whether they are enrolling for all, or only a part of, their term's work on the "host" campus:

    1. The student and his regular advisor will plan the term's course program in the usual fashion drawing upon the resources of both the Corvallis and Eugene campuses, as to them seems useful.

    2. The student will register in the usual fashion on his "home" campus for all of the coursework to be taken on the Corvallis and Eugene campuses. He will list his "home" campus courses on his registration form by the prescribed prefix, number, and title indicated in the catalog, as usual; the courses to be taken on the "host" campus will be listed on the registration form as "JC 510" (for "joint campus") followed by the initials of the "host" institution (OSU or UO) and the prefix, number and title of the course as listed in the "host" campus catalog.

    3. The fees paid by the student will be the same as if the courses were all being taken on the "home" campus. The student body card will be issued for the "host" campus.

    4. The instructor(s) on the "host" campus will receive from the registrar of the student's "home" campus a class registration card signifying that the student is a bona fide graduate student, duly and properly registered on the "home" campus for the specific course(s) in question.

    5. At the conclusion of the term, the instructor(s) on the "host" campus will complete the grade cards received from the "home" campus registrar and will return them to the "home" campus registrar.

    6. A record will be maintained of the number of such registrants and the courses taken on the "host" campus. If the instructional service provided by the two campuses, for the students they are asked to "host," does not balance out reasonably evenly, necessary fiscal adjustments will be made between the two institutions, following a joint recommendation from the presidents of the two institutions to the Chancellor.

  3. The registration procedure proposed above, or one equally effective, will be extended to other institutions of the System, wherever distance between campuses does not make such "joint-campus" programs infeasible.

  1. It is understood that the "home" institution will grant any degree earned by a student taking advantage of the "joint-campus" program, and the degree will be a degree allocated to the "home" institution.