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(A policy regarding the role of athletics, categories of activities, code of ethics, and equal opportunity was adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #479, September 11, 1981, pp. 509-513. The following policy statement was adopted at Meeting #542, November 21, 1986, pp. 531-532.)


Recent public discussion regarding the role and status of intercollegiate athletics prompts the Board of Higher Education to issue the following statement:

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education reaffirms its commitment to intercollegiate athletics as an integral component of the total educational offerings of our state colleges and universities. The Board also reaffirms its Policy for intercollegiate Athletics adopted in March 1983 and set forth in Section 8 of the Internal Management Directives.

With respect to institutions competing on the NCAA Division I level, the Board recognizes the benefits of affiliation with the Pacific 10 (PAC-10) Conference and is strongly committed to continue the relationship.

Consistent with its adopted policy, the Board believes that football and men's basketball at the Division I level should be self-supporting financially. Conversely, funds generated by those sports should be utilized to the extent reasonably practical to keep them competitive at the PAC- 10 level.

Other sports at NCAA institutions and all sports at NCAA institutions should be supported to insure opportunities for widespread student participation. The Board strongly believes that funding for a sound and exemplary sports program for male and female students should not be solely dependent upon or primarily related to revenue generated by football and basketball. 

The Chancellor and his staff are directed to prepare financing alternatives for consideration by the Board at its January 1987 meeting. (Presentation of the alternatives was deferred until the July 1987 Board meeting. Action taken at that time is included in this compilation of Board policies under the title "Fiscal Policies for Intercollegiate Athletics.")