University Policy: FCC Licenses
Policy Category: Information Technology
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(Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #707, June 21, 2002, pp. 48-49)


Oregon's public universities operate a variety of wireless telecommunications services that are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As the legal owner of the FCC licenses, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education (Board) has the responsibility to see that the licenses are administered accurately and in accordance with FCC regulations. In addition, the Board has the authority to delegate these administrative functions within OUS.

The Chancellor, as the administrative officer of the Board, is delegated the oversight for those administrative functions required by FCC licensure. The Chancellor is the repository for such license documentation deemed necessary to protect the rights of the Board. The Chancellor is authorized to further delegate responsibility to the institutions of OUS. In this capacity, the institutions would serve as agents of the Board.

It is the institutions' responsibility for those functions delegated to them, to provide capable management of those functions, to conduct business with the FCC in accordance with FCC regulations, to report such business proceedings to the Chancellor, and to provide necessary documentation concerning these licenses to the Chancellor as required.

  1. Purpose. The purpose of these procedures is to provide standards for the administration of FCC licenses within the Oregon University System consistent with the adopted Oregon State Board of Higher Education (Board) policy regarding FCC licenses.

  2. Delegation of FCC License Administration. Pursuant to the Board policy on FCC Licenses, and in accordance with the Chancellor's authority as the administrative officer of the Board, the administration of all FCC licenses owned by the Board and operated by the institutions of the Oregon University System (OUS) is hereby delegated to the institution presidents. This delegation includes the signature authority to conduct business with the FCC as a legal agent of the Board.

  3. Chancellor's Oversight Function. In accordance with the Chancellor's authority to provide oversight of these administrative functions, the Chancellor shall specify the data to be reported and the frequency of reporting. The Chancellor has determined that a current copy of each FCC license owned by the Board will be required for storage within the Chancellor's Office files and for each group of FCC licenses the institution decides to administer as a unit (a unit is defined as one or more FCC licenses administered by the same person), the institution must provide the following information to the Chancellor:

    • A list of the FCC Call Signs being assigned to the unit.

    • The FCC Registration Number (FRN) for each Call Sign in the unit.

    • The position that has been delegated the responsibility, by the institution president, for administering the unit. Include the name, title, phone number, and e-mail address of the person in that position.

    • The name of the engineer that maintains the licensed equipment in the unit. !f more than one engineer performs the maintenance, list the call signs with which each is responsible. Engineer is defined as the lead OUS engineer, or if other than OUS staff, the name of the firm contracted to perform the maintenance.

    • A completed Signature Authorization Request form signed by the person administering the unit.

  4. Reporting Requirements

    1. Maintenance of Information: It will be the responsibility of the institution to keep the information listed under Chancellor's Oversight Function current with the Chancellor. This means that whenever changes occur to a call sign, a copy of the final status that is granted by the FCC for each filing will be forwarded to the Chancellor. For example, when a license is renewed, a copy of the document granting the renewal must be forwarded. Likewise, when an application for a new license is made, a copy of the granted license (e.g., a construction permit, license, etc.) must be forwarded. In addition, if the engineer or the administrator of the group has changed, that information must be relayed to the Chancellor as well as a completed Signature Authorization Request form in the case of a change in the administrator.

    2. Annual Reporting: On a fiscal year basis, in July of each year, the institution will report the following information to the Chancellor for each FCC license administered by that institution:

      • A current list of the FCC Call Signs assigned to each unit.

      • A letter from the institution president to the Chancellor certifying that all information required by these procedures is current and correct.

  5. Signature Authorization Request. A Signature Authorization Request must be submitted to the Chancellor and must be signed by the institution president for each unit of licenses to be administered by each person administering FCC licenses for the institution. The following information must be included:

    • Name, title, department name, phone number, and e-mail address of the person who will administer and perform the online entry and submission of FCC documents for the group of licenses.

    • The following paragraph, signature block and signature: