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(Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #427, November 25, 1975, pp. 975-976; amended Meeting #522, March 25, 1985, pp. 108-109. See also: Policy on Centers and Institutes in OUS-A Culminating Report, Meeting #437, March 25, 1977, pp. 276-277.)


Schools, colleges, departments, divisions, centers, institutes, and  similar agencies serving instructional, research, and public service functions may be established or renamed by institutions when prior approval has been secured from the State Board of Higher Education.

In seeking authorization of the Board to establish or rename a specific school, college, department, division, center, institute, or similar agency, the institution shall submit to the Board's office for review by the Board the following information:

  1. Title of the proposed instructional,research, or public service unit.

  2. Locus within the institution's organizational structure.

  3. Objectives, functions (e.g., instruction, research, public service), and activities of the proposed unit.

  4. Resources needed:

    1. Personnel - FTE academic, FTE classified.

    2. Facilities and equipment.

  5. Funding requirements (estimated annual budget), and sources thereof: state sources (institutional funds - state General Fund, tuition and fees, indirect cost recoveries), federal funds,and Other Funds,as specified.

  6. Relationship of the proposed unit to the institutional mission. Long-range goals and plans for the unit {including a statement as to anticipated funding sources for any projected growth in funding needs).