University Policy: 576-024 Articles Prohibited in Certain Athletic Facilities
Policy Category: Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities
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576-024-0000 Prohibited Articles
  1. The following items are not allowed anywhere within Reser Stadium or within the defining fence around it, or anywhere within Gill Coliseum during periods when it is being used for an event open and advertised to the public:

    1. Glass containers of any kind;

    2. Metal cans;

    3. Weapons, and destructive devices, as provided in 576-065-0000 to 576-065-0020;

    4. Fireworks, explosives or explosive devices, inflammables, and artificial noisemakers as provided in the rules of the Pacific 12 Conference, available in the OSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics;

    5. Alcohol or alcoholic beverages, except as provided in 576-060-0010 to 576-060-0039;

    6. Briefcases, athletic bags, packages, duffel bags, coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, and other similar containers capable of concealing prohibited articles, except that backpacks and other small bags may be used for carrying personal possessions;

    7. Signs on sticks or poles;

    8. Umbrellas.

  2. Exceptions to the above prohibitions are limited to:

    1. Alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverage containers belonging to Oregon State University concessionaire or catering services contracting with the University for its officially sponsored social functions, e.g. receptions, meetings, promotional activities, etc.;

    2. Weapons of law enforcement officials while on duty for the scheduled event;

    3. Megaphones used by cheerleaders;

    4. Functions held within the Valley Football Center or elsewhere in Reser Stadium, including the press box structure, which have been approved by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

  3. University employees or agents shall request, as a condition of the license to enter the facility, that persons about to enter allow them to look inside all backpacks and other bags for carrying personal possessions, purses and diaper bags.

    1. The person(s) entering the facility will be asked by University staff or agents to reveal the items in the backpack, purse or bag. Staff or agents shall inform person(s) in possession of the backpack, purse or bag of the reason for the inspection. Staff or agents shall further inform the persons entering the facility that they may decline the inspection and shall inform them of the following options available if they decline inspection:

      1. The person(s) will be denied admission to the facility, and will then be entitled to receive an immediate refund of the price of the ticket at the “Will Call” booth; or

      2. The person(s) may return the backpack, purse or bag to a vehicle and then enter the facility without such item.

    2. If the container is opened for inspection, and prohibited items are found by staff or agents, the possessor of such items shall be offered a choice of discarding the item(s), or returning them to a vehicle as provided in (3)(a)(B) of this rule;

    3. Personnel making the inspection requests are not obliged to cause persons to wait in line unduly while other inspections are proceeding. They must, however, request the inspection of the next person who appears carrying inspectable containers as soon as they have completed any given inspection;

    4. Inspections made under this rule do not include pat-down inspection of clothing being worn but do extend to carried items. Entering persons will be encouraged to keep moving through gates and doorways.

  4. If prohibited articles are openly possessed by a person inside the facility, that person shall be considered to have violated the license to enter and view the event. The license is then revoked and the person(s) shall be requested to leave immediately. A refusal or failure to leave following such a request can cause the person to be treated as a trespasser.

  5. If a refund is requested under the provisions of subsection (3)(a)(A) of this rule, a bearer coupon shall be delivered promptly by University officials. This bearer coupon may be exchanged for a full refund immediately at the “Will Call” or other appropriate ticket booth.

  6. Prohibited items which may be seen without inspection are subject to the same consequences as specified in section (3) of this rule.

  7. Signs shall be prominently displayed at entrances to the facilities listing prohibited articles, and providing notification of the request for inspection and the right to decline options.

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