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Every February,the Oregon State Board of Higher Education policy calls for approval of the following year's undergraduate admission requirements for Oregon University System (OUS) institutions. This schedule is necessary for institutional planning, program implementation, publication production,and timely notice to prospective students. 

Although high school diploma standards do not guarantee OUS entrance, the universities' admission criteria are based on continued performance analysis and retention outcomes of students at each institution. The admission policy of each institution is designed to ensure appropriate preparedness and to increase the likelihood for retention and university graduation within four to six years.

In addition to regular university-specific admission criteria detailed in this document, each OUS institution conducts a comprehensive review of applicants who do not meet criteria, including a close look at non-cognitive factors and other predictors of university success. The comprehensive review is consistent with the Board's desire to increase college access for currently underrepresented students. Students who successfully complete an Oregon high school diploma, but who are not admitted to OUS, are encouraged to pursue preparatory coursework and/or remediation at any of the Oregon community colleges. Community college partnerships to support these students are well developed among OUS institutions. Statewide legislative support for statewide P-20 initiatives has improved access to information about alternative pathways toward a baccalaureate degree for students who begin their postsecondary education at Oregon community colleges. A comprehensive electronic source, Oregon ATLAS (Articulation Transfer Linked Audit System), provides students with centralized public access to individual course and program articulation among all OUS institutions in Oregon.


The OUS Provosts' Council recommends that the Board's Academic Strategies Committee approve the updated Undergraduate Admission Requirements for 2015-16 academic year, which includes sections on Regular Undergraduate Admission, Freshman Admission, and Transfer Admission.


The Oregon State Board of Higher Education's Academic Strategies Committee approved the Undergraduate Admission Requirements for 2015-16 academic year on February 6, 2014.