University Policy: Academic Procedures and Credit
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Academics and Faculty Affairs
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(Approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education as part of the catalog copy for the System institutions, Meeting #28, September 6, 1932, p. 203.) 

The academic year throughout the System of Higher Education is divided into three terms of approximately 12 weeks each. Summer session on the various campuses supplement the work of the regular year (see special announcements). Students may enter at any term but are advised to enter in the fall. It is especially important that first-year or freshman students be present for the opening of Freshman Week. The opening and closing dates for the terms of the current year are given In the academic calendar on another page.

  • A COURSE is one of the instructional subdivisions of a subject offered through a single term.
  • A YEAR-SEQUENCE consists of three closely articulated courses in a subject extending through the three terms of the academic year.
  • A CURRICULUM is an organized program of study arranged to provide definite cultural or professional preparation.
  • A TERM HOUR represents three hours of the student's time each week for one term. This time may be assigned to work in classroom, laboratory, or outside preparation. The number of lecture, recitation, laboratory, studio, or other periods per week for the respective courses is indicated in the course descriptions or the regular printed schedules.