University Policy: Academic Employment
Policy Category: Academics and Faculty Affairs
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(Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Meeting #534, February 21, 1986, p. 100.)

The Board directed System institutions to adopt written procedures for appointment, promotion, tenure, and salary decisions. The procedures were to include, at a minimum, the following specific requirements:

  1. Vacancy announcements for academic positions shall include the tenure status of the position being offered.

  2. The successful applicant shall be informed of factors to be considered in determining the hiring salary above the minimum.

  3. The factors actually used in fixing the salary of an employee shall be recorded and placed in the faculty member's file,

  4. Each institution shall determine and publish the salary increase to accompany promotions in rank.

  5. Each institution shall identify separately, and record in the faculty member's personnel record, administrative or other special stipends that are to occur only for the time during which the special circumstances occur. 

  6. Each institution shall advise faculty of factors to be considered in awarding merit increases.

  7. Each component of a faculty member's salary adjustment shall be recorded and placed in the faculty member's file.

  8. Each institution shall adopt procedures to review salaries for equity at least every two years.