University Policy: Conflict of Interest
Adopted: 10/19/2017
Last Revised: 10/19/2017
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SECTION B: As to employees of the Department of Higher Education, including employees of the respective institutions:

The Chancellor, the vice chancellors, the presidents, and the vice presidents of this Department shall file annually with the Government Standards and Practices Commission a verified statement of economic interests. No employee shall accept any outside employment that will discredit or embarrass the employee's institution, the Department of Higher Education, or the State of Oregon. Before accepting any outside employment, all employees shall comply with OAR 580-21-0025.

Any employee of the Department in a position to influence or make recommendations concerning the award of any contract who is an officer, agent, or member of or directly or indirectly interested in the pecuniary profits or contracts or any corporation, association, or partnership which is doing business or seeking to do business with the Department of Higher Education, shall be considered to have a potential conflict of interest.

Upon adoption of this policy, the text of this policy statement, and of Article XV, Section 7, of the Oregon Constitution, or pertinent portions of ORS chapter 244, and of OAR 580-21-0025 shall be widely disseminated and made available to each current and new employee.