The University Policies and Standards Manual (UPSM) provides the university's governing framework. The university policies and university standards found within the UPSM express the goals, values, and culture of the university. Collectively, they provide the authority and guidance to university units, employees, students, agents, contractors, licensees, and volunteers that is required to achieve the university’s mission, and outline the relevant responsibilities to the university community.

Note: Many of the policies adopted from the Oregon University System (OUS) have not been updated to reflect the new governance structure of the university. Please see the notes on those changes here. Additionally, while OSU transitions its policies from those inherited from the Oregon University System, there remain a number of university-wide policies that do not yet reside in the UPSM but are located in manuals within different departments. These university policies will be collected into the UPSM on an ongoing basis. Find links to other policies here.

University Policy & Standards Manual
Policy Titlesort ascending Policy Category Number Type
Weapons and Destructive Devices Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 576-065 University Standard
Veterans Preference Employment Human Resources 05-015 University Policy
Vehicle Use for University Business Business and Finance 07-026 University Policy
Vehicle Use and Parking on University Property Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-025 University Standard
Use of the University Seal Governance and Administration 04-020 University Policy
University Policies Regarding Cannabis Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-045 University Policy
University Network Administration Information Technology 08-010 University Policy
University Housing Student Life 02-125 University Policy
University Health and Safety Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-001 University Policy
University Data Management, Classification, and Incident Response Information Technology 08-015 University Policy
Time, Place, and Manner Rules for Speech Activities Governance and Administration 576-005 University Standard
Timber Exports Business and Finance 03-020 University Standard
Termination Not-for-Cause of Professional Faculty Appointment Human Resources 05-100 University Policy
Student Records Governance and Administration 01-120 University Standard
Student Health Services and Insurance Student Life 576-025 University Policy
Student Health Services Student Life 02-100 University Policy
Student Academic and Financial Aid Appeals Student Life 02-001 University Policy
Smoking and Tobacco Use on University Property Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-020 University Standard
Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Human Resources 05-001 University Policy
Safety of Minors Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-040 University Policy
Retaliation Governance and Administration 04-110 University Policy
Responsible Employees and Reporting Incidents of Sexual Misconduct or Discrimination Human Resources 05-005 University Policy
Residency and Fees Academics and Faculty Affairs 01-105 University Policy
Research Misconduct Research 06-100 University Policy
Research Data Access and Ownership Research 06-210 University Policy
Records Retention Governance and Administration 04-010 University Standard
Real Property Business and Finance 03-200 University Standard
Public Records Governance and Administration 04-035 University Policy
Proscribed Conduct Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 580-022 University Policy
Procurement Thresholds and Methods Business and Finance 03-010 University Standard
Procurement Solicitations and Contracts Business and Finance 03-015 University Standard
Political Activities Governance and Administration 580-022-0010 University Policy
Paid Family and Medical Leave for Faculty Human Resources 05-035 University Policy
OSU and Recognized Student Government Commitment on Student Engagement in Shared Governance Student Life 02-300 University Policy
Motor Vehicle History Check Human Resources 05-030 University Policy
Minimum Class Size Academics and Faculty Affairs 01-040 University Policy
International Travel Academics and Faculty Affairs 01-020 University Policy
Internal Controls Governance and Administration 04-005 University Policy
Intellectual Property Research 06-200 University Policy
Flag Protocol Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-110 University Policy
Fiscal Policy Program Authority Business and Finance 03-100 University Policy
Firearms Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities University Policy
Faculty Records Academics and Faculty Affairs 576-003 University Standard
Faculty Personnel Records Academics and Faculty Affairs 580-022 University Policy
Faculty Grievance Procedure Academics and Faculty Affairs 576-050 University Policy
Export Controls Research 06-040 University Policy
Exclusion Appeals Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 576-002 University Standard
Establishment of Research Centers, Institutes and Core Facilities Research 06-010 University Policy
Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Governance and Administration 04-100 University Policy
Development of University Policies and Standards Governance and Administration 04-001 University Standard
COVID-19 Safety and Success Governance and Administration 04-042 University Policy
Corrective Discipline and Termination for Cause of Professional Faculty Appointment Human Resources 05-105 University Policy
Copyright Fair Use Academics and Faculty Affairs 01-010 University Policy
Contract Signature Authority Business and Finance 03-001 University Policy
Conflict of Interest Governance and Administration University Policy
Conditions of Service Human Resources 580-021 University Policy
Comprehensive Background Checks Human Resources 05-010 University Standard
Architectural and Academic Unit Naming Governance and Administration 04-015 University Policy
Animals on Campus Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-030 University Standard
Alcohol Service Risk Management, Safety, and Facilities 07-005 University Standard
Admissions Academics and Faculty Affairs 01-100 University Policy
Admission and Attendance of Students with Criminal Histories Student Life 02-015 University Policy
Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Information Technology 08-005 University Policy
Academic Freedom Academics and Faculty Affairs 580-022-0005 University Policy