University Policy: 05-010 FY21 Termination Without Cause of Professional Faculty in Financially Self-Supporting Units
Policy Category: Human Resources
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Chief Human Resources Officer
Download the Policy: (PDF)
Effective Date: 07/31/2020
1. Policy Statement

1.1. Due to financial circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Oregon State University (“university”) may need to issue not-for-cause terminations for groups of fixed-term professional faculty who are supported by financially self-supporting units. Such terminations must be authorized by the university president and validated by an established projected revenue shortfall unique to that unit.  

1.2. The fixed-term professional faculty at any FTE will be given notice of at least 60 days before such terminations are effective. Those employees who have worked for the university six or more years will be given notice of least 90 days before such terminations are effective. 

1.3. The fixed-term professional faculty will be provided the notice in writing and it will contain affirmation that the employee’s termination was not for cause resulting from factors unrelated to their merit or good standing. The employee may request to have their name placed on a list that notifies them of unit position vacancy announcements. The employees will remain on this list for a period of two years from their date of the termination not-for-cause.

1.4. This university policy applies only to professional faculty appointments issued for the FY21 year in the following units: Athletics, self-support units in Student Affairs, Transportation Services, Conference Services, the LaSells Stewart Center, Printing and Mailing Services, and the self-support activities at OSU-Cascades (Housing and Dining, Student Affairs, Conference, and Parking Services). 

1.5. To the extent that this university policy conflicts with any provisions in other university standards or policies, this University Policy 05-010 supersedes those other provisions in FY21.

2. Reason for Policy

2.1. The COVID-19 pandemic and response has placed unprecedented financial burdens and uncertainties on universities across the country, including Oregon State University. OSU is committed to maintaining its current workforce to the greatest extent practicable. However, in the event that financial circumstances become dire, the university may need to issue not-for-cause terminations for professional faculty in auxiliary (i.e., financially self-supporting) units.  

3. Scope & Audience

3.1. This university policy applies to all OSU employees. 

4. Definitions

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5. Responsibilities & Procedures

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6. Forms & Tools

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

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8. Related Information

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9. History

9.1. Adopted by OSU: July 31, 2020.

9.2. Expiration date: July 31, 2021.

9.3. Last review date: July 31, 2020.

9.4. Next scheduled review date: July 31, 2021.

10. Website

10.1. University Policy 05-010 FY21 Termination Without Cause of Professional Faculty in Financially Self-Supporting Units:  

11. Contacts

Associate Vice Provost & Senior Director for Employee and Labor Relations