Check here for updates to our university policies and standards

Updated 1/8/2018.  University Standard 07-020 Smoking on University Property has been amended.  See the standard here.


Updated 1/5/2018.  University Policy 05-035 Paid Parental Leave for Faculty has been adopted. See the policy here.


Updated 10/25/2017University Policy 04-015 Architectural and Building Naming Policy has been updated. See the policy here.


Updated 10/25/2017.  On October 20, the Board of Trustees approved the retirement, or repeal of specific sections, of a number of university policies that were inherited during the transition of governance from the State Board of Higher Education to the institutional Board of Trustees of Oregon State University in July 2014.  These retired policies or sections were no longer applicable, superseded by state law, or otherwise irrelevant.  See Board resolution 17-15.  The retired university policies or sections are:

Academic Calendar

Board’s Financial Powers, sections 580-040-0005, 580-040-0010, and 580-040-0040 only.  See the amended university standard here.

Categories of Instruction 

Capital Construction and Contracting, section 580-063-005 only.  See the amended university standard here.

Conflict of Interest, section A only.  See the amended university policy here.

Curricular Policies and Procedures

Curricular Allocations

Emblematic Designs

Executive Leadership & Management, Executive Searches, Appointments and Management, Executive Contracts

Selection of an Interim or Acting President

Appointment of Presidents

New Graduate Programs

Appointment of Hearing Officers

Housing for Presidents and Chancellor

Legal Services, IMD

Other Authority and Relationships

Program Closures, Suspensions, and Eliminations

Reorganization of Institutions

Risk Management Program Policy

Student Conduct


Updated 10/3/2017. University Standard 576-005 Time, Place and Manner Rules for Speech Activities has been updated.  Find the standard here.


Updated 9/18/2017. University Standard 07-020 Smoking on University Property has been updated. Find the standard here.


Updated 9/15/2017. University Policy 05-001 Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination has been updated.  Find the policy here and learn more from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.


Updated 9/11/2017University Policy 576-015 Student Conduct Code was retired as a university policy and replaced with the new Code of Student Conduct.  Learn more from the Office of Student Life.